Sarcheshmeh history Sarcheshmeh Park in Mahallat is a tourist attraction in this city which has a long history . Sarcheshmeh Mansouri Restaurant, one of the oldest restaurants in the city with an astonishing environment, was established by haj Abbas Mansouri in 1986 and has kept its activity ever since, being directed by professional staffs.
Sarcheshme Mahallat Stone and quarry industries was established in 1989 by Haj Abbas Mansouri. Due to high quality of Sarcheshmeh Darrebokhari travertine and great requests led to the establishment of tile line production with one of the most modern way . Sarcheshme factory Equipped with GISBERT production line of Spain, is located in Mahallat industrial zone (arqade))
Sarcheshme stone and quarries industries is currently owning two quarries namely , Sarcheshme Darrebokhari travertine, Khorhe marble quarry, and Kerman marble quarry, The industries at international market. The group is conducting a series of objectives, product selection, high quality and customer satisfaction Before long the group will start its slab line in the factory second phase.



Dareh Bokhari Travertine

TileDarehBokhari Travertine

Kerman Marble

TileDarehBokhari Travertine

Khoreh Marble

TileDarehBokhari Travertine
Sarcheshmeh Stone